pooldata.live API datasource for Grafana

The main goal of the pooldata.live API is to provide a public Grafana datasource for pool operators with several operational metrics related to a stake pool, including

  • Stake and number of delegators
  • Rewards and pool performance
  • Pool Ranking & static information
  • and many others...

Start using Pooldata API Datasource now!

At the moment not all the pool operators have the technical skillset necessary to parse / scrape this information from existing APIs and services.
We are happy to support the community by providing a ready-to-use service to help pool operators mantaining a healthy Cardano ecosystem.
If you have any question, if you need any help with the installation or have an idea for a new metric that you would like to see included in this project, please join our Telegram group

Supporting Pooldata.live

The PoolData service is provided to the Cardano stake pool operators community for free. If you want to support us, you can delegate ADA to our public stake pool, ADATA .

You can also donate ADA to this address (any amount will go straight into the pledge)